Exit and Emergency Lights

Exit and Emergency Lighting Service and Installation

When was the Last time Your Emergency Lighting was Inspected?

If the Electricity in your facility unexpectedly went out, would your Emergency Lighting work? Would your employees and clients be able to see to evacuate the facility?

Unexpectedly the power goes out. It’s an Emergency. The facility is filled with smoke. Your visibility is limited. People are starting to panic … Exiting a building during an emergency is not always a simple task. Your facility should have an Escape Plan with Exit and Emergency Lighting.

Does Your Company have an Escape Plan in Place?

Do Your Exit Signs and Emergency Lights Work?

When the Electricity goes out, the exit/emergency lighting helps safely guide individuals out of the facility. Smoke and flames limits your vision in a Fire Emergency, that’s why emergency lighting is 100% critical to guiding you to safety. It can also help in reducing injuries, preventing panic, and saving lives.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Your Company’s Exit and Emergency Lights … When was the last time they were inspected? All too often Emergency and Exit Light service and maintenance falls to the wayside. Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection will make sure your emergency lighting is properly serviced and in working order.

Life Safety 101 lists the appropriate maintenance and service for E-lights. Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection follow Life Safety 101 checking the bulbs, backup batteries, and making sure your emergency lighting will function for 90 minutes.

Wilgus and Safeguard offer a headache free e-light maintenance program. One less worry. One less headache.

We also stock New Exit Lights, New Emergency Lights, and New Combination Exit/Emergency Lights. We offer choices like standard lighting, high end lighting, weather-resistant lighting, and emergency lighting designed for wet locations. Plus we have replacement bulbs, replacement batteries, and various types of signage. Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection are your complete Exit and Emergency Lighting Service Resource. Need QUICK Onsite Service… Call the Professionals at Wilgus and Safeguard.

Do You have QUESTIONS about Local California Fire Codes or Exit and Emergency Lighting? Call Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection!

When was your last Annual Emergency Light Inspection? Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection are ready to make sure your California Company is Fire Code Compliant.