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You Have Discovered Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection!

There’s a Fire!  Where do I go? What should I do?  Fires are usually panic situations.  This is one of many reasons why a Fire Alarm System is a MUST and required by State and Federal Codes.  This is your Early Warning System that allows people time to exit your business or building safely.

For over 56 years, We have provided Fire Protection Services for Northern California Businesses.  For the Last 20 years Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection have been the Number One Source for Fire Alarm Design, Installation, Service, and Repair for Northern California.  Our technicians are experts in new and existing Fire Alarm Technology and are Factory Trained.  We hold a California State License and NICET Certifications.

We Design and Install Fire Alarm Systems that meet California’s code requirements.

At Wilgus and Safeguard we use the latest in Computer Designing Tools, and our staff makes sure our clients receive the highest level of quality.  The Wilgus and Safeguard designers and techs are experienced in all aspects of Fire Protection Design and possess over 56 years of California Fire Code Knowledge and Industry requirements.

Fires by the Numbers…

  • Public Fire Departments respond to an average of 1,000,000 fires each year
  • An Average of five hundred thousand structure Fires occur each year
  • Every 24 Seconds a Fire Department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States.

With A Fire Alarm System Your Business is Monitored 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week!

Once the Fire Alarm System detects a fire, it notifies the local fire department immediately.

When a Fire Alarm System is installed and working correctly…

  • There are fewer Fire Related Deaths
  • Property Damage is less sever

Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection Are Your Complete Fire Alarm Sources.

We offer Complete, Turn Key Fire Alarm Installation Packages.  We are also a Complete Fire Alarm System Service and Repair Center for the State of California.

California’s Number One Fire Alarm Source:

  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Fire Alarm Initiating Devices
  • Fire Alarm Notification Devices
  • Voice Evac
  • Nurse Call Stations
  • Magnetic Door Releases
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Sprinkler Monitoring

Safety of for employees and your business is always a BIG deal.  It’s time for a Fire Alarm Solution that fits in your budget.  A solution that will protect your employees and business.  Annual Fire Alarm Service, Fire Alarm Repairs, New Fire Alarm Installation, Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection are here to help.


We’re your Fire Alarm Experts with an extraordinary concept … We actually deliver SERVICE and we work within your budget! Call us Today!