Hands Down the Best Protection for Your 
Heavy Mobile Equipment


You Have Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, if Not Millions of Dollars Invested in Your Mobile Heavy Equipment.

Let’s Make Sure It’s Protected!

Safeguard Fire Protection and Wilgus Fire Control provide a complete, turnkey Fire Protection Solution for heavy mobile equipment fires.  No matter the industry:  Agriculture, Forestry, Waste Management, Oil, Gas, Mining, Paper, and Wood, your mobile equipment could have an engine fire, debris fire, or hydraulic fluid fire.  A Vehicle Fire Suppression System installed by the Safeguard Wilgus Team is designed to suppress a fire in the early stages.  This helps to minimize the damage to your machine and reduce the downtime.

Lower the Risk of Fire and You Could Lower Your Insurance Premiums

At Safeguard Fire Protection and Wilgus Fire Control, we offer several different types of vehicle fire suppression systems:

  • LVS Liquid Agent Suppression Systems
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
  • Twin-Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Each System is designed for the Heavy Mobile Equipment it’s being installed on and meets all insurance requirements.

Service for Your Heavy Mobile Equipment Fire Suppression System

Wilgus and Safeguard’s expert fire suppression system service techs will keep your heavy vehicle fire suppression systems in top working order.  Whether you require Quarterly or Semi-Annual Inspections, We are your complete source.  For more information on our service and maintenance programs call Safeguard Fire Protection and Wilgus Fire Control Today!

Tips For Heavy Mobile Equipment Fire Prevention

  • Always try to keep machines clean and free of debris.
  • Make sure you Identify and fix hydraulic or fuel-system leaks immediately.
  • Ensure all Electrical System components are properly insulated and mounted to prevent a fire.
  • Operators should be trained on how to conduct proper pre-shift and post shift operation inspections of heavy equipment.