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Where Do I Get My Fire Extinguishers Serviced or Recharged?

Have you ever wonder where, when, or why do I need to get my portable fire extinguishers serviced?  We’re Safeguard Wilgus Fire Protection and we can answer your questions and provide the services.  For your Chico, CA business your Fire protection equipment must be serviced in accordance with California Title 19.  We are your Source for FAST Onsite Fire Extinguisher Service, Maintenance, Recharging, Testing, Installing, and Relocating.  Safeguard Wilgus is Chico’s Full Service Fire Extinguisher Company.

Remember the Fire Extinguisher is Your First Line of Defense

A Portable Fire Extinguisher is considered your first line of defense.  That’s why your fire extinguishers must be properly maintained and serviced.  It’s also important that you and your employees have Fire Extinguisher Training.  Do your employees know what to do in a Fire Emergency?

Did you know.. If a Fire Extinguisher can used during the beginning stages of a fire … (a) Loss of Life is Minimal.. The statistics show that 93% of all fire related deaths occur once a fire has gone way beyond the beginning stages.

(b) Direct Property damage is Minimal.  The statistics also show that 95% of all  direct property damage occurs once the fire has move beyond the beginning stages.

When was the last time you and your employees had Fire Extinguisher Training?

Wilgus Fire Control can train you and your employees on the importantance of fire safety, fire classifications, and how to use a fire extinguisher.

This is an Educational Training MUST for all Chico California Businesses!

For your Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection call the experts at Safeguard Wilgus Fire Protection.  For More information about Fire Codes, Fire Safety, and Fire Extinguisher Training Call Wilgus Fire Control / Safeguard Fire Protection.

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