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Fire Extinguishers

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We provide Life Safety Services to local California businesses. Thanks for stopping by our website. We are passionate about making sure businesses are compliant with California Title 19. We’re Safeguard-Wilgus Fire. California’s complete source for New Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Service, Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Recharging, Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Testing, and Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training.

Safeguard-Wilgus Fire Is the SOURCE for New Fire Extinguishers

We are a full line Ansul fire extinguisher distributor. Questions about the size and type of fire extinguisher you’ll need… One of our experts will find the best solution for your local California business.

ABC Fire Extinguishers

The ABC Fire Extinguisher is a multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguisher. Designed for the most common fire classifications: Class A, B, and C fires.
This is the fire extinguisher you would need in locations like schools, churches, office buildings, parking structures, hotels, retail stores, car dealerships, body shops, and industrial facilities.

Wilgus Fire Control, Inc
Wilgus Fire Control, Inc

Standard Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

With a sodium bicarbonate chemical base, the Standard Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is a great choice for Class B and C fires.
The perfect solution for flammable liquid hazards in areas like flammable liquid storage buildings, auto repair shops, industrial facilities, and manufacturing areas.

Purple K Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

The Purple K Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher has a high-performance extinguishing agent that’s great for flammable liquid fires (Class B and Class C rated).
Highly recommended for flammable liquid hazards in areas like fuel islands, airplane hangers, auto dealerships, service/repair centers, fuel islands, and industrial settings.

Wilgus Fire Control, Inc
Wilgus Fire Control, Inc

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Looking for a nonconductive clean agent that’s effective on electronic equipment fires? The CO2 Fire Extinguisher is very effective on that type of equipment. Recommended in areas like offices, classrooms, churches, hotels, and industrial facilities (Class B and Class C rated).

Clean Agent FE36 Fire Extinguishers

The FE36 Fire Extinguisher is a fire extinguisher with a clean, nonconductive gaseous agent. Highly recommended for protecting sensitive electronic equipment like servers, computers, telecommunications equipment, and robotics (Class A, Class B, and Class C rated). This is also a great replacement for Halon 1211 fire extinguishers.

Wilgus Fire Control, Inc
Wilgus Fire Control, Inc

Class D Fire Extinguishers

The Class D Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is designed for combustible metal fires. This is the solution for any business that deals with combustible metals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium. (Class D Rated)

Class K Fire Extinguishers

A must for all restaurants. The Class K Fire Extinguisher is what you need for commercial cooking operations. This type of fire extinguisher is highly effective on kitchen fires that involve
cooking oils and grease. (Class K rated)

Wilgus Fire Control, Inc
Wilgus Fire Control, Inc

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

The Water Mist Fire Extinguisher is charged with deionized water. The deionized water makes this fire extinguisher safe for electrical fires. The Water Mist Fire Extinguisher is perfect for libraries and hospitals (Class A and Class C rated).

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

We carry an extensive line of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers. The Wheeled Extinguisher is designed to meet large extinguishing needs. They are available in dry chemical, clean agent, and co2 models.

Wilgus Fire Control, Inc

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Service, and Maintenance

To meet Current California Title 19 Fire Codes, your fire extinguishers must be inspected by certified and trained fire extinguisher technicians a minimum of once a year. At Safeguard-Wilgus Fire, we make sure your fire extinguishers are expertly serviced and ready at all times. Plus, we make sure your business is in compliance with the Local California AHJs and fire codes.

Six-Year Maintenance

A Portable Fire Extinguisher’s Maintenance Interval Requirements.
Each fire extinguisher (per code) shall be inspected monthly (This can be performed in-house by one of your employees.). Every fire extinguisher (per code) shall have an annual maintenance and service (performed by a certified technician – Safeguard and Wilgus Techs are certified!) and dry chemical fire extinguishers that require a twelve-year hydrostatic test shall have a six-year maintenance performed every six years. This is an external and internal examination of the portable fire extinguisher cylinder and its components.

Twelve-Year and Five-Year Hydrostatic Testing

Depending on the type of portable fire extinguisher, a 12-year or 5-year Hydrostatic Test shall be performed. First, the fire extinguisher cylinder is inspected internally and externally. Second, the fire extinguisher cylinder is filled with water. And third, a pressure test is performed on the portable fire extinguisher cylinder to ensure that it does not leak or rupture. We also check the fire extinguisher components too. Wilgus Fire Control and Safeguard Fire Protection are certified retest facilities.

Does your business have an evacuation plan? At Safeguard-Wilgus Fire, we provide Hands-On Portable Fire Extinguisher Training. We go from classroom techniques to hands-on. We teach the fire classifications, portable fire extinguisher types, and how to use a portable fire extinguisher. Next, we have live hands-on fire extinguisher training where each employee gets to use a fire extinguisher. This training meets all OSHA requirements. Call Safeguard-Wilgus Fire for more information on our Portable Fire Extinguisher Training.
Safeguard Fire Protection and Wilgus Fire Control

Restaurant Systems

Restaurant Fires Have Slowly Started To Decline…

From the ’80s to today, restaurant structure fires have gone from 23,000 per year to less than 6,000 restaurant structure fires per year

This downward trend in restaurant structure fires is outstanding! Today, restaurant owners, managers, and employees are very proactive when it comes to safe practices in the restaurant and cooking areas. Plus, the current Restaurant Fire System Technology has increased performance standards that extinguish fires rapidly and reduce the chance for a fire to reignite. Since most restaurants have fire sprinkler systems, restaurant fire systems, hand portable fire extinguishers, restaurant exhaust cleaning, and employee fire extinguisher training, Restaurants are protected better than ever before.

Statistics on Commercial Restaurant Structure Fires

  • Peak time for restaurant fires is 10:00 a.m.
  • Annually, restaurant fires contribute to over $190 million in direct property damage.
  • 57% of commercial restaurant fires can be contributed to cooking equipment and appliances.
  • 21% of the commercial restaurant fires were the result of failing to clean dirty, oily, greasy residues from appliance surfaces.

Safeguard-Wilgus Fire is California’s most experienced provider of restaurant fire suppression systems and restaurant system service

The combination of commercial cooking operations with open flames, hot cooking surfaces, and grease deposits creates a highly dangerous fire situation. In a restaurant kitchen environment fire always has the potential to spread quickly, and grease fires can be difficult to extinguish. At Safeguard-Wilgus Fire, we provide Complete Restaurant System Service. Our techs are professionally trained in Commercial Restaurant Fire Suppression System Service and Installation.

The Safeguard-Wilgus Fire Commercial Restaurant Fire Suppression System Service Program

Your restaurant fire system is twenty-four-seven protection for your Kitchen. Even when you lock the doors and head home after a long day of work, there’s still the potential for a fire to start in the kitchen. At Safeguard-Wilgus Fire, we take your system through a 39-point inspection process. Checking all working components of your kitchen fire suppression system. We ensure that your Commercial Restaurant System will operate when and if it’s needed.

Safeguard-Wilgus Fire Restaurant Fire Suppression System Installations Why should I trust Safeguard-Wilgus Fire to install my Restaurant Fire Suppression System?

  • 4,822 Hours in Design and Installation of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Factory Trained, Certified, and Licensed for the State of California
  • Local California Fire Code Experts
  • Thousands of Happy, Satisfied Clients Across the State of California
  • We Guarantee Our Work

At Safeguard-Wilgus Fire, we design and create the exact fire suppression system that’s needed for your restaurant. We stay in contact with you and communicate every phase of the design and installation process. We believe in customer service and always work to exceed your expectations!

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers

If the Fire Sprinkler System in Your Business Is Working Correctly, Your Business Is Protected.

That’s an extremely bold statement! But the fact remains, a properly maintained, serviced, and inspected fire sprinkler system will perform exactly as it was designed.

We’re Safeguard-Wilgus Fire. We are your local Northern California Fire Sprinkler Provider for Design, Installation, Service, and Repairs. Our design team and technicians are professionally trained and experienced in California Fire Codes. With thousands of service and design hours, you can sleep comfortably knowing your Fire Sprinkler System that was designed and/or serviced by Safeguard-Wilgus Fire will perform properly in the event of a fire.

We service and Inspect fire sprinkler systems for all types of structures. The most common are office complexes, industrial warehouses, retail locations, manufacturing facilities, churches, apartments, and nursing homes/ senior assisted living. We also service, design and install fire sprinkler systems on residential homes.

Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Wet Fire Sprinkler System: The most dependable and simplistic fire sprinkler system. The piping of a Wet Sprinkler System contains water under pressure. When a sprinkler head in the fire system is activated, water will instantly start flowing and the fire sprinkler system will begin to extinguish the fire. The Wet Fire Sprinkler System is used for retail locations, storage areas, manufacturing facilities, office complexes, and apartment/condo buildings.

Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Dry Fire Sprinkler System: If there’s a potential for FREEZING, the Dry Fire Sprinkler System is the best choice. In a dry system, compressed air fills the piping network. When a sprinkler head is activated, the compressed air flows out of the piping network and water starts to spray from the sprinkler head. This is the perfect solution for parking garages, loading docks, warehouses, commercial freezers, and attic space.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Deluge Fire Sprinkler System: Quick response, total coverage of a designated area. In a Deluge Sprinkler System, ALL of the sprinkler heads are open. The piping network is not filled with water. When a heat sensor is triggered, a valve opens, and water starts flowing. The Deluge System is used for unique hazards like oil and chemical storage areas.

PreAction Fire Sprinkler Systems

The PreAction Fire Sprinkler System: A good solution for server rooms and sensitive electronic equipment. Wait! Hold on!! That’s water and ELECTRICITY? In a PreAction System, the piping network is pressurized with air. When the PreAction Fire Sprinkler System is triggered, electrical equipment and computers will close down processes and turn off before water starts to flow. This is the reason your electronic devices will not be destroyed.

Foam Sprinkler Systems

The Foam Sprinkler System: Designed for special hazard scenarios. A military aircraft hangar is an example. When a foam system discharges there is a mix of water and low expansion foam concentrate. These systems are best for high challenge fires.

Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Water Mist Sprinkler System: This is an alternative to CO2 Fire Suppression Systems. The Water Mist System is a great option for occupied locations that have sensitive electronics. They are commonly used to protect combustion turbines.